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Tools And Equipment For An Animation Studio

An animation studio in Dubai requires several tools. Among them are autodesk maya, autodesk 3DS max, and autodesk animate. Getting a small drawing tablet is recommended if you’re new to digital animation. However, if you’re already an experienced digital animator, you can invest in a bigger one. Moreover, it is a good idea to use drawing gloves to reduce the friction of your hands on the work surface.

Autodesk maya:

Autodesk maya is an animation software program that allows you to build 3D objects and make animations. The program includes a variety of tools, menus, and shortcuts. It makes making changes to objects and sets easy and creates stunning renders. It also features a bookmark and camera system that help streamline workflow and create consistency across different files.

Autodesk 3DS max:

Autodesk 3DS max features a unified environment that makes keyframing and modeling seamless and easy. Once you’ve chosen a keyframe, the results appear immediately on-screen. You can also access previous keyframing operations without exiting the core max commands. Each object has a data history that you can edit non-destructively. This means that any changes you make will automatically reflect in the object’s current state.

Autodesk animate:

The autodesk animate UI provides the user with abundant tools and functions. It’s usable but also very demanding. Whether an indie artist or an established animation studio, you’ll find the tools and features indispensable.

Synfig studio:

To create beautiful animations, you can use the tools provided by Synfig studio. In this animation software, you can change the colors of objects by using different parameters. You can use the toolbox at the bottom of the window to edit and delete the layers. It also provides options to switch between layers.


Blender is a 3D modeling software available in source code, Mac OS X, and Windows binaries. It requires Python 2.5 or higher, OpenGL for the interface, and a 3D graphics card. The latest version includes several new tools and APIs. The user interface has also been improved.