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Things to consider when choosing a wedding cake

A wedding cake is the centre of attention for any wedding ceremony out there and they are that one thing which brings life to the party. People stress over finding the right cake and start preparing for all the things in advance because nothing can be left unnoticed. Here we have a few things which you must consider before finalizing your wedding cake so that it turns out the perfect dreamy cake which you have been looking for:

  • Look out for suggestions

There is something about your wedding that when the date nears, you receive a dozen other wedding invites. We know it must be hard to manage time for that but when you do make it to the wedding, make sure that you taste the cake because that can give you an idea of what people are aiming for in wedding cake Dubai. If you like someone’s cake then feel free to go ahead and ask where they got it from. Word of mouth could be a good place to start from.

  • Consider the timing

This is something which most people don’t understand the importance of. In selecting the right baker for the cake and having the cake actually made could consume a lot of time. Don’t expect the cake to be made out in a week or so because it is something grand and rushing it in the end will only ruin the whole cake for your wedding. Start looking out for wedding cakes from the beginning.

  • Size matters

First consider the size of audience whom you will be inviting for the wedding. Is it going to be an intimate affair with a maximum of 25 people or is it going to be a grand wedding? The size of your audience is going to determine how big of a cake you will be ordering. Don’t go over load with the cake for more people than you are expecting in the wedding.

  • Enjoy your cake

This is very important because you have run errands all month long in search of the perfect cake and by the end of the wedding we know you will be tired but make sure that you savour the flavour in the end. Consider cakes delivery in Dubai to make sure you are not forgetting anything. At the end of it all, just have fun while enjoying your delicious cake on your big day!